About me

I'm Nathan Wallace. I design, build, ship, and maintain software. I've been working with Second Generation since 2016. I graduated from Vanderbilt in 2011 with a BA in Neuroscience, but I discovered programming my junior year and knew immediately that's what I wanted to do. I got my first programming job in 2012, and I've been a web developer ever since.

I live in St. Louis, MO with my wife, daughter, son, and dog. When I'm not working or playing with the kids, I love to cook, listen to music, and play chess (terribly).

My favorite tools

In case you're curious, these are the tools I use and a little about why I use them.

Development Environment


Typing isn't the bottleneck, but using a hyper-efficient editor lets me spend less time editing and more time thinking.


As a developer and administrator of web apps running on Linux servers, Linux is practical. But more important than that, Linux is a free and open platform that enables people, no matter what their background or resources, to own, use, and create technology.


Efficient tooling allows me to spend less time fiddling around and more time focused. A custom-tailored tiling window manager is unbeatable.


Encrypted text chat, embedded video and voice calling, open-source and decentralized. There's no better way to collaborate.



My first programming love. Ruby's dynamic nature makes it easy to implement elegant designs and iterate quickly.


So beautiful. So simple. If it didn't run on the JVM, it would be perfect.


It's actually pretty nice if you just use functions, React, and LoDash and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.